Call for 'Wonderful' Christmas Decorations - Western Canada Theatre
It's a wonderful time to donate your old, unused Christmas decorations! 


CALL FOR DONATIONS: It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play is set in 1949 Kamloops and we need your help to make it look festive and 40s! Your attics, basements, and boxes of old Christmas decorations could be our gold mine. If you have unused or unwanted Christmas decorations, especially those that look similar to decorations used in the 1940s, we'd like to give them a new life on stage.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS NEEDED: Explore the list of decorations below to see what we’re looking for, then bring your items to the Pavilion Theatre by Nov 19. We'll take as many or as little as you are able to donate.

   Tree Ornaments: 75 round, shiny, preferably non-breakable tree ornaments approximately the size of a tennis ball or larger. Any colours but not too many blues, purples, or yellows. Additional ornament styles we need are decorative pine cones, nutcrackers, doves, wreaths, and Santas.
  Homemade Paper Decorations: snowmen, trees, snow flakes, balls, ginger bread men, poinsettias, stars, etc. 
  Garland: four  8’ long green tree garlands built around a twisted wire centre to match some we already have (see photo left for reference).
   Bead garlands: colourful and 30' minimum.
   Christmas Lights: old fashioned incandescent screw in bulb light strings (100' minimum) and spare bulbs. 
   Angel Tree Topper: preferably 15” high with lights or a spot for lights to be installed. This item will be the show stopper of the Christmas tree on set. 

Please drop off any items you have to donate to Kamloops Live! Box Office at the Pavilion Theatre (1025 Lorne Street, Kamloops) by November 19 at the latest. We will be accepting donations during the following times:
Nov 8–12 between 12–5pm
Nov 14–19 between 12–5pm

Items donated may not all be able to be returned to the original owner, however we will do our best to return select items as requested. If you would like your item back after the show please mark it with your name and contact info and flag this when dropping off.

Please email if you have any questions about specific items you’d like to donate.