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What WCT's Volunteers are up to in Isolation

Being separated from our volunteers, we at WCT have been reminded how much we appreciate them. Some of our volunteers generously have shared what they appreciate during our time apart. And they've shared photos of what they've been up to – and as expected with this group of dynamic people, it's a lot!


My house is cleaner!
I have learned that making a list every morning of my plans for the day makes me accountable for getting things done. It feels so good at the end of the day to see everything crossed off!
I have learned how to Zoom! I am teaching my fitness classes on line!
I make sure to get out for a walk every day. Definitely helps my mental health.
Trudy G

Well one good thing is I haven't procrastinated and have turfed cupboards and closets of the unnecessary. I also have found that a slower pace is enjoyable. Have read some great books.
Dian V

Getting caught up with chores that needed to be done, but never had time to do
Maria S

My yard has never been in such good shape so early in the season.
Sewing has become a joy and not a chore.
No yeast, no problem! I love baking Irish Soda bread.
Jean T

Got a few items off the honey do list. Trying to learn how to do a few things on the computer.
Deb F

Had our daughter with us for 2 weeks while she was self isolating after a trip to Hawaii. Longest time we’ve had with her since she graduated 18 years ago.
Shelly O

One thing that has improved for me and the ones I love is that I have oodles of time to think of them as well as the time and energy to do something special for them.
Kelly J

Hopefully I will never again take for granted all the blessings in my life.
Little things, like a hug from my daughter. Coffee with a friend. Seeing people at the Farmer’s Market.
Big things like going to see my nieces. Hiking with a group of women. Not being afraid.
I look forward to the return of these, and to understanding how valuable they are. "
Wendy C

I was able to donate lots of fabric, thread, elastic and bias tape to Sew The Curve to make masks, caps and bags for the RIH and other Health workers in Kamloops. I felt thankful that I was able to help. This pandemic is helping me to declutter my house. You realize what is important in life is relationships not possessions!
Beverley B

Email, telephone, etc., don’t really take the place of face-to-face communication
Penny G

Not so much learned, as reinforced, that when one thing changes, everything changes. That what we all take for granted, is not really forever, but temporal.
Brian H

More time to read; more time to spend with my husband.
Cathy H

All that matters is everyone staying healthy - life is love, not stuff.
Sherin J

I have a contract to write a second novel with James Lorimer and Co. I have never 'ever' had this kind of undisturbed writing time - its brilliant!
Mike L

Not so much what I've learned; more what I think other people may have learned. I think (hope) that more people are realizing the importance of those who produce food for the body (e.g., farmers, etc.) and food for the soul (e.g., artists, musicians, etc.). Not to mention all the underpaid caregivers. Interesting that all of these categories of occupations are the least valued.....but maybe now there will be more recognition of the vital role they play in society. (I heard a comment the other day—""We pay more to the people who care for our cars than the people who look after our children and the elderly""—hopefully this will change as a result of what we are experiencing right now.
Living on farms (two of my three children are involved in this occupation), my life has not really changed much at all—still collecting eggs, weeding strawberries, etc. And of course we have plenty of food preserved in various ways.
Also my friends and I have found ways of getting together at a distance: walks, Scrabble online, etc. So I am one of those fortunate people whose life has not been severely impacted. "
Anne G