Emerging Artist Spotlight | Morgan Benedict - Western Canada Theatre

At Western Canada Theatre, we provide opportunities to shape the artists, artisans, technicians, and administrators of the future through mentorship programs, professional development opportunities, and ongoing employment.

Morgan Benedict is no stranger to the patrons at WCT. She is often seen in the lobby at our venues as our Front of House Manager. You may have seen her onstage in WCT's A Broad's Way Festival, or in the 2019/20 Season production of The Drowning Girls. She is a frequent performer with Project X's Theatre Under The Trees, and you may even recognize her from shows at the TRU Actor's Workshop Theatre!

This year, Morgan had the opportunity to step off the stage to work as the Assistant Director on Shrek The Musical. WCT's Development & Administrative Assistant, Jenny Edwards, had the opportunity to sit down with Morgan and discuss her commitment and love for WCT.

What aspects of WCT attracted you as an emerging artist?
I moved to Kamloops to study theatre at TRU, and while going to school I started working at WCT in front of house and with Stage One Theatre School. It was very important to me to feel like I was fully immersing myself as much as possible within the theatre community here and building connections, and gaining experience! It is not common for a city such as this to have a regional professional theatre company, and I have felt very fortunate to be able to grow and learn as an artist with the support of WCT.

Can you share specific elements of our productions that resonate with you?
How can I name just one?! I think it is how much pride our community takes in supporting our productions. Our staff, Volunteers, season subscribers, to the folks who attend our productions and rave about them on social media. It is so touching to witness how much every single person cares about the arts here in Kamloops.

How do you see WCT contributing to your growth as an artist?
WCT has given me opportunities as an emerging artist, that would have been less likely in other companies. I have been able to test my skills, and stretch those artistic muscles in a safe, and supported environment. Everyone at WCT cares so deeply about each other that we will do everything within our power to help make other people succeed and flourish.

What experiences or performances at WCT have left a lasting impression on you?
I was lucky enough to be cast in WCT's The Drowning Girls a few seasons ago, where I was able to blend my love of performance AND my deep love of baths, what more could a girl want!? It was an incredible experience, with a show that meant so much to me.

How has WCT helped to advance your career/prepared you for the future?
I am able to express my theatrical  interests to people like James, and have them find ways to support my growth as an artist. I can sit in on rehearsals and watch world class performances by incredible artists from around the country and build meaningful and impactful connections!

How does the environment at WCT support and encourage emerging artists?
WCT has such supportive values! WCT celebrates local performers, emerging talent, and new works. It creates space for folks to explore what is possible for themselves, in a safe and fun environment!