Donor Spotlight | Margot Middleton - Western Canada Theatre

Whether you donate once per year or once per month, every donation we gratefully receive is put to good use. Not only does it support WCT in creating and providing accessible, thought-provoking theatre, it helps us to create a welcoming, inclusive environment both onstage and off. From helping cover organizational costs to helping supply costumes and props for a show, your donations are vital to our survival and perpetuation. We are proud to be YOUR theatre, and we are grateful to each and every one of you for being a part of our theatre community. 

Margot Middleton is a resident of Kamloops and a member of City Council, and she and her family are longtime supporters of Western Canada Theatre. In fact, when Margot was running for City Council in 2022, part of her platform included her desire to give back to organizations within the city. "What I wanted to  do was really give back to the community. I've been a longtime resident and have taken advantage of so much that the city has to offer. This is one way that I can give back, but a second way I can give back is to take the compensation that the City gives to counsellors and in turn donate that back to the City agencies, and associations that do such good work here."  One of the organizations that Margot has decided to support is Western Canada Theatre. "Any contribution, not just mine, but any contribution that can come from community members is valuable. It helps Western Canada Theatre grow and continue to provide great services to our community, to our City, and beyond."

As a season ticket holder with her husband, Mike, the Middleton family has enjoyed Western Canada Theatre for several decades. "My children all participated in the school programs, so we've sort of grown up as residents here with Western Canada Theatre in our lives. I also have opportunity to take my grandchildren to the Christmas productions, which are ALWAYS fabulous, and it's really fun to sort of say here I am, I'm in a whole row at the theatre with all  my grandchildren, all participating. I’m so happy to be able to donate to (WCT), they provide such a great service to our community, to all ages and stages of our community, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to benefit from live art and it’s a wonderful thing to have." 

Middleton not only sees the value and importance of WCT's mainstage productions to our community, she also sees the value in our youth programming. "Not every child is going to be an athlete. Not every child is going to find their “fit” out there somewhere else, but I think Western Canada is a great fit for so many, and I think the programs that are offered are so important. Not everybody is only going to want to go to a hockey game or to participate in an active type of sport. Maybe some can or can’t or it’s not something that they like to do, so I think it is so important to have Western Canada and the arts community here because it is offering a service and opportunity that many will not find anywhere else.

Through the generosity of our incredible donors like Margot Middleton, Western Canada Theatre is not only able to offer engaging, thought-provoking shows with affordable ticket prices to our community, we are able to provide quality theatre education to youth and adults alike.As we continue our return to the stage after the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize now more than ever how important the arts are. Not only does theatre offer an escape from the every-day, it provides a sense of community and belonging in a way that isn't found anywhere else. And as we move towards our 2024/25 season, WCT is proud to be able to offer that escape through thought-provoking, exciting, quality theatre to Kamloops and the TNRD.