Donor Spotlight | Beth Morgan - Western Canada Theatre

Did you know that our ticket prices only cover about 25% of our annual expenses? As a not-for-profit organization, we rely heavily on our donors, sponsors, and community for support. As we near the end of the second show of WCT's 23/24 Season, we are reminded yet again of the generosity and support we're lucky to receive each and every day from our community. Our donors help us keep ticket prices affordable, allow us to invest in programming innovative, thought-provoking theatre, and help us represent the diversity in the demographics of our community. 

Beth Morgan is not only a donor, she is also a subscriber and a Director on the Western Canada Theatre Board.
"WCT does important work. They present such a wide variety of plays and those plays help give people perspective, think about new ideas, and expose them to unique customs and values. Theatre is also fun. It brings people together creating a sense of community and shared experience. When a community has a thriving arts community, it is appealing to tourists, helps attract new people to your community and gives people a shared experience to talk about."

While the musical offerings were what originally drew Beth and her family to the theatre, she also became drawn to the dramas and comedies that WCT is known for. Over the years, her interests expanded to include the administrative side of the theatre, and in 2022 Beth was elected to the Western Canada Theatre Board of Directors. "I am learning a ton. It gives me an opportunity to get to know the staff, have insight into the inner workings, and give back to an organization that I truly believe in. Theatres are non profit and especially over the last few years of the pandemic, it has been hard on them. WCT relies on the generosity of people and businesses to provide the level of programming that they do and I am happy to support that."  We always love hearing the reasons that people choose to support Western Canada Theatre. For Beth, she loves supporting our youth programming. "I love the youth programs that are being run by WCT and believe it is very important for young people to have opportunities to have an artistic outlet and learn from experts in the field. It is fantastic when we get to see the youth who have gone through the Stage One Program and acting and/or singing in one of the plays. I also love the idea of supporting emerging artists who learn from professional actors and become a part of professional production. It is such a worthwhile cause and I love supporting WCT."