Did You Know...Sagebrush Edition! - Western Canada Theatre

Did you know that the location where the Sagebrush Theatre currently stands used to be an extension of the Pleasant Street Cemetery? After a flood in 1939 exposed and upturned tombstones, the City decided to move the caskets and hand-carved headstones to their current location between 8th and 10th Avenue on Pleasant Street. 

The Sagebrush Theatre that we know today started out as an auditorium for the Kamloops Highschool (now SKSS). The auditorium didn't include the present-day stage and backstage areas; those were added in 1978 when the theatre was expanded and the design was flipped. 


In 2003, the South Kamloops Secondary School Band Room, which had shared space in the lobby of the Sagebrush Theatre since the 1970's, moved into a newly renovated section of SKSS that was conveniently located right across the parking lot! In 2006, the lobby of the Sagebrush Theatre underwent further renovations to provide better accessibility for patrons, and to modernize the venue.