Dare to Boogie | A Very Different Boogie the Bridge - Western Canada Theatre

Participants get ready for a previous year's CFJC-TV Boogie the Bridge event

The CFJC-TV Boogie the Bridge was set for April 25th, but sadly they have had to cancel for the second year in a row. There will be an 8 day virtual Boogie event starting this weekend, and we encourage everyone to participate. They have a challenging road ahead, as many of us do, but we know they will be able to pull through. We had a chance to hear some thoughts from Executive Director, Jo Berry:

"Kamloops : We are all cousins in Kamloops, and Boogie is our heart project. Creating community health; raising over 1million dollars for local charities - all in a sea of red - is the best currency (and feeling) on that 3rd Sunday in April each year.

When the pandemic hit, we had to cancel Boogie for the first time and, with another year down, we will be challenged to bring Boogie back in 2022. Boogie receives no government funding or grants and relies solely on community participation (and our amazing sponsors) to keep Boogie alive. We love our charities and working with WCT during a pandemic has been heartfelt. Come out and boogie this year so we can all feel that community spirit fully in 2022. Register at www.boogiethebridge.com or donate to our GoFundMe page.

Thank you Kamloops Family for your ongoing love and support to Kamloops signature event."

WCT is proud and honoured to once again partner with Boogie the Bridge as the Charity of Choice for the 2021 Boogie virtual experience.

WCT shares the values of Jo and the Boogie team, promoting camaraderie, sense of community, and good physical and mental health in our city.

As the Charity of Choice, funds raised through Boogie were designated to support WCT’s Youth Education Programs, including a new program working with Indigenous youth. Though some of these plans were put on hold by the pandemic, our Stage One Theatre school remains in full activity, inspiring communication, confidence, and collaborative skills in young people, and giving them a sense of play and imagination through a difficult year. We can’t wait to get back at it with full activity in the summer and fall of 2021.

We encourage our community and our audience to get out and run a virtual Boogie next week – we’ll be out with our WCT team, with Jessica and Suzan dragging James across the finish line. Please consider supporting Boogie through their GoFundMe campaign or by signing up for a virtual Boogie. And you can always support WCT’s youth programs through a tax-deductible donation through canadahelps.org.

If you want some inspiration, watch the video below of Education & Outreach Assistant, Jessica Buchanan, helping Artistic Director, James MacDonald, get into shape for the virtual event. Let’s Boogie!