Art In Public Spaces at the Sagebrush Theatre - Submissions Welcome - Western Canada Theatre

Art In Public Spaces at the Sagebrush Theatre

Western Canada Theatre and the Sagebrush Theatre are thrilled to partner with the Kamloops Arts Council to welcome visual art to the lobby of the Sagebrush Theatre, as part of the Art in Public Spaces program, and invites submissions from visual artists to be displayed at the Sagebrush Theatre from January through June, 2022. This installation is a temporary display and pilot project, running from January 14, 2022 through to approximately July 2, 2022.

Western Canada Theatre and the Kamloops Arts Council strive to be inclusive, welcoming organizations and we welcome submissions from all visual artists – and particularly from artists of a variety of intersecting identities, inclusive of those of diverse race, gender identity, cultural or religious background, language, geography, ability, or socio-economic status. We also invite all artists to reach out to us about any access needs preventing submission, including any membership fees. Please note that while all submitting visual artists are required to become a member of the Kamloops Arts Council, Western Canada Theatre is pleased to subsidize membership to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation.

We encourage all artists to submit works that either connect thematically to one or more of our seasonal productions between January and June 2022 (details at, or that speak to one or more of the following general themes:

  • People gathering together
  • A return to, or love of, the performing arts
  • A night out
  • A sense of home, returning to or leaving home, thinking perhaps locally, regionally, or personally
  • What ‘heart’ or ‘courage’ means to you
  • A return to life, the world & activity after the pandemic

All submitted works should be 2-dimensional in nature and must be able to be hung from a single point/hanger. Due to space limitations, we recommend that submitted works be between 8”-24” in width, of a variety of heights, and no more than 36” wide INCLUDING THE FRAME. We regret that 3-dimensional art is not able to be accepted for this installation due to space considerations.

Other Submission Guidelines:

  1. Hanging Requirements – Use d-rings on the back of the frame to hang from. Make sure to place each of them the same distance from the top of the work (one quarter to one third of the way down from the top) and in from the edge. You can use a picture wire between the d- rings – pull it relatively tight.
  2. Works that are for sale will be available for purchase through our KAC office or online in the Shop of the KAC website. ( There is no registration fee to participate in this art show, the only requirement is that you are a member of KAC, this is for insurance purposes. Any sales will be split with 70% proceeds going to the artist and 30% commission to KAC so please price your work accordingly.
  3. Artists will be contacted in case of a sale and may be asked to provide a replacement piece of artwork if required.
  4. Artists will be required to volunteer for installation, strike (take down), or art intake, and will be notified upon selection.
  5. Artists are required to fill out the submission form for the AIPS program.

Submissions are to be received by the Kamloops Arts Council by January 5, 2022. Pieces will be selected in early January, 2022, for subsequent display through to July, 2022.

We thank all artists for their submissions in advance and regret that space is limited, and selection is not guaranteed. Please email if you have any questions.